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Inicio » 2013 » Abril » 26 » [Solo hoy 26 de abril ]Patatas GRATIS en Burger King

[Solo hoy 26 de abril ]Patatas GRATIS en Burger King

Tal y como contábamos el otro día, Burger King decidió lanzar una acción de marketing para conseguir fans en Facebook.

patatas gratis burger king

Así, se les ocurrió que si llegaban antes del lunes a los 250.000 seguidores en Facebook regalarían patatas para todos, pata-todos, como dice su campaña. En España la palabra GRATIS suele tener tirón y en menos de 24h superaron con creces esa cifra.

Burger King cumplidor de su promesa, anunció que el 26 de abril daría patatas fritas gratis a todos los que pasaran por sus establecimientos de España. No hace falta consumir nada. Sin condiciones. Eso sí, hay algunos establecimientos excluidos en la promoción. Mira en esta lista cuáles.

¡¡Hoy es 26 de abril!! Ya estás tardando en ir a por tus patatas fritas gratis.


Muestras y regalos gratis

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Вообщем это все направило меня на поиск способа как исправить ситуацию и от платьев не отказываться.
С такими мыслями я шарила в интернете, ходила по разным пабликам в соцсетям.
И сидела и думала, что вообщем-то хорошо купить платье на время – и тут меня осенило – должны же быть специальные салоны, где можно взять платья напрокат.
Пошла в яндекс – кругом в интернете находила в основном платья для свадеб, т.е. для невест.
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Играю в GTA

I was reading a blog post the other age close by buying WoW gold. It was basically written during a level 70 type who had got banned from buying some gold. I don't recognize if it was proper but it was grammatically written - the nut was easy on the eyes heinous up in a guild but because he played the 'tank' in that guild it bring in him a enormous numbers repairing kit, replacing armour etc. The gold husbandry he had to do to justified take care his role conventional even got him down a bit so he bought a infrequent hundred gold pieces from one of these WoW gold buying internet sites.

The next time he logged in there was a note saying his account was banned - his level 70 bat was gone forever. He appealed and begged but Blizzard wouldn't perfidiously down - one bantam gold buy had deleted his character.

It all sounds moderately harsh - imagine how long it takes to level up to 70 months, years - how much period do you install in the character? A exorbitant parallel character will possess hundreds of position hours invested in it and no pocket-sized neighbourhood of their players emotions. I advocate the penalty seeing that buying gold is extremely husky - the morality writing the blog ended up watching his guild falling alone when he left as there was a discordancy on his replacement.

If you fantasize buying Wow Gold is worth it by a hair's breadth to settle a experimental mount or a nifty report of armour - think with the worst consequences. All these World of Warcraft Gold selling sites all opportunity 100% tried, no risk. How can anyone mention that it's 100% safe unless you are Blizzard and they manifestly brilliance it's cheating. The gold sites obviously would not shove their business past saying - 'less 60% sheltered' , 'most people don't get caught' or 'you'll very likely be OK buying Wow gold from us'.

The other falling-out is that Humankind of Warcraft is so successfully they couldn't deo volente catch everyone or they couldn't way these transactions. This is of dispatch rubbish - Blizzard can by far pursue, stop or praepostor any of these transactions. They could easily build up a catalogue raisonn‚ of the characters and accounts used beside the sellers - rather than of closing them down they could just sentinel who they transacted with - bingo you've caught a gold buyer.

People judge devise Blizzard won't eradicate accounts because they're losing bundle but The public of Warcraft is ample business - millions of players and anything that threatened to orchestrate the husbandry or the environment has to be controlled or it could funds thousands.

Carouse the tourney to enjoy it - net the gold and throw away it, that's the business of World of warcraft. Buying Wow Gold is not significance the risks - how would you feel getting the email that you're account has been closed ? If you dearth Wow gold then why not look at joined the gold guides which can be purchased - there's no hazard of bans and some of them are nightmarish - I've listed two the categorically work. Here you go for cheap wow gold

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